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My family? Fine, thank you

Nothing is as worthy of our commitment as our family.

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Kevin Johnson. / Photo: [link]NBA[/link].

One of the faster play makers in the NBA, KEVIN JOHNSON, said: 'Being a Christian is neither boring, nor a hypocritical lifestyle'.

Having the courage to talk about his relationship with Christ, is something Kevin owes to his mother.

When he was small she asked him: 'Do you want to be special?' and Kevin answered: 'Yes, I do.' To be special you have a price to pay, and he learnt this early on.

Nothing can have more importance for us than our family. A world championship is not more important than your wife, your husband, your children or your parents.

If, in life, we put other things before our family, we are sinning against God and against the people he has given us: our family.

Nothing deserves more time, more affection, and more strength than our family. Nothing is as worthy of our commitment as our family.

I learnt that lesson from my parents when I was very little, and I think it's something that should never be forgotten.

To neglect our duty as sons and daughters, as a couple or as parents, can be (and often is), the main reason for our failure in the material and spiritual life.

For our own children, it can be catastrophic. Some years ago, I found a leaflet that caught my attention. It was headed, How to bring up your children to become criminals and it contained the following points.

  • When your children are small, give them all they want so they'll grow up with the idea that they own the world.

  • When your children say bad and obscene words, laugh with them.

  • Don't tell them anything about their spiritual life. When they get to 18, they'll decide for themselves.

  • Don't tell your children 'this is a bad thing to do' - that would give them a feeling of guilt that would be very harmful for their future.

  • Tidy up all their stuff for them. Then they will think that the rest of the world is indebted to them.

  • Allow them to see and read all that falls in their hands. It's important they have their clothes clean, but their minds can be full of rubbish.

  • Argue with your partner in front of your children so they will be prepared for the time when you will split up.

  • Satisfy all their wishes immediately. If you don't, they'll get frustrated.

  • Take the child's part against everyone else. You know that they are always right.

  • Give them all the money that they want to spend. Why should they go through the privations that you suffered?

  • Finally, prepare yourself for an unhappy life and one full of problems.




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