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What is on your mind

It is so important to control our thoughts and what we allow into our innermost hearts.

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Charles O'Bannon playre in UCLA. / Charles O'Bannon twitter @MrCOB13.

UCLA led the NCAA during the 1995 season. One of the team's most outstanding characteristics was the hard work and playing of two brothers:ED O'BANNON (number 31) and CHARLES O'BANNON (number 13).

They had always been together. The elder brother said of their future contracts with the NBA, "My son's smile is more important than any contract". Ed seemed to have things very clear in his heart and mind.

Someone once said that man is the child of his thoughts. Our thoughts make us what we are and dictate our actions.

That's why it's so important to control our thought life, and what we allow into our innermost hearts. Paul explains what God wants to be in our minds:

1. Whatever is true

2. Whatever is noble

3. Whatever is right

4. Whatever is pure

5. Whatever is lovely

6. Whatever is admirable

7. Whatever is excellent

8. Whatever is praiseworthy

All of these things matter. We can't allow our minds to be filled with rubbish such as lies and things that are worthless, twisted, impure, unpleasant, disreputable, evil or contrary to God.

Look around you; don't allow this sort of thing to dominate your thoughts. They could destroy you, because whatever dominates your mind will ultimately controsl you.

Here's a challenge: read in Proverbs 8 and mark all the characteristics of God's wisdom listed there. That is the sort of wisdom we should have.

Our goal is the renewing of our minds, learning to think as God thinks and to see things as He sees them.




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