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Everything is possible

Begin by asking God to show us his will and then everything else will fall into place in its time.

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Nate Davis played basketall in Spain in the eighties. / [link]Diario del Ferrol[/link].

I had never seen anything like this. I believe I have referred to him on another occasion: NATE DAVIS - one of the best basketball players ever to walk on European soil.

At the beginning of the eighties his hand was broken and in plaster and the following game was very important for his team (it was Valladolid-Miñón) so Nate decided to play, even though his hand was in plaster. He scored 30 points and was the best player in the game.

When the game was over the journalists asked him how it was possible to play basketball with a hand in plaster, and Nate answered: "With the help of God everything is possible".

God's power is the most immense strength that exists in the universe. It is the same power which created the world and each one of us. Power without compare.

However, even though we are children of the all-powerful God, and we know that he can win in any situation, and that he will give us a great future, we are often like beggars before God: we ask for just a little when he wants to give us EVERYTHING.

Sometimes we just don't understand that however difficult a situation, a problem or a desire may be, God will provide much more abundantly than we ask or think, because God likes the impossible things.

Look for an impossible problem, and God will solve it. Find an impossible person, and God will save them. Think of an impossible project, God will see it through.

If we believe that a problem is impossible, the problem is in us. How many times do we make material and spiritual plans, and make them so small that God barely fits into them?

How does he do this? "By the power that acts in us". Often when we plan things, we think about what we are going to do. Perhaps we imagine how we might talk to a particular person about God and then, right at the end, it occurs to us to ask God to give us power to carry it out, after we have tried absolutely everything else.

It is much easier to begin by asking God to give us that power; begin by asking God to show us his will and then everything else will fall into place in its time, much more abundantly than we ask.

"With the help of God, everything is possible. God is powerful... According to his power that is at work within us".  Are these just phrases and nothing else, or do they mean more to you and me?

A supernatural power is within your reach. Grab it!




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