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Jaime Fernandez

A perfect man

There is nothing more important than coming to know Jesus as Lord.

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AC Green with Magic Johnson. / You Tube.

One of the most appreciated players in the NBA is A C GREEN, not only for his behaviour, but for his strength as a player.

He has played more than 1,100 games in a row without injury, penalties, or problems. Following him is RON BOONE, with 1,041 games (both in the ABA and the NBA), and third comes RANDY SMITH,with 906 games.

A.C. Green has always held that his faith in God is the key to his life. He gets up every morning to read the Bible and put his life into the hands of the Creator.

He has been NBA champion on several occasions with Los Angeles Lakers. Physically speaking, you might say he is an almost perfect man. But he is only a man, and nothing more.

If we ask ourselves who is the most important man in the history of humanity,the answer can only be Jesus Christ.

If we ask who is the man who most influenced people's decisions in the progress of humanity, in the establishing of freedom and in the personal development of every individual, the answer can only be Jesus Christ.

If we ask ourselves who is the man who has had more followers than anyone else, who still has and will always have, the answer can only be Jesus Christ.

In just one life, in three years of teaching without any means of mass communication, un- traveled, without publicity, money, or influence, He was able to change the course of history.

Even our time is counted as before or after Christ. He wasn't just a man. He was much more.

I'm going to ask a small favour of you: read the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians once again, this time underlining everything that it has to say about this all-important man, Jesus Christ.

If we examine the Bible, history, experience, and many other things, there is only one conclusion: Jesus was God in the form of a man. On many occasions he said he was (for which the Jews wanted to kill him), and he showed he was by his deeds.

All of nature obeyed and admired Him. All men, even his enemies, recognised that his life was different. God himself spoke through and worked through him. How marvellous! Jesus is the most perfect way that God has spoken to us.

Have you found any of the things that God said about the Lord Jesus in the letter to the Colossians? I'll give you some hints.

1. His glorious might (1:11)

2. Jesus is the image of the invisible God (1:15)

3. Jesus is the Creator of all things (1:16)

4. Jesus was before all things, and in him all things hold together (1:17) 5. In him dwells all the fullness of Deity (1:19)

Can you proceed with the rest of the verses on your own? You can't do anything more important than this.

There is nothing more important than coming to know Jesus as Lord. He is the Lord of the universe. Is He Lord of your life?




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