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Jaime Fernandez

I have no idea

God himself, the study of his word, and time, will teach and help to correct our errors.

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Bryan Colangelo.

It is one of the worst sensations that I know of in the world of sport. You land up feeling stupid, and you don't know where to put yourself, you want the ground to open up and swallow you, so no-one can see how badly you've done.

There you are quietly getting on with playing a game of basketball, you receive the ball, you are ready to throw it, believing you are aiming perfectly to make the basket when... a hand appears from who knows where, and blocks the ball from continuing its course.

The truth is that all basketball teams look for good shot blockers, and this is one of the qualities of BRYAN COLLANGELO, one of the main defenders of the Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

Do you know that one of the keys to growth in whatever field of life is the ability to recognise your mistakes, correct them and move on? Anyone who thinks he makes no mistakes is very mistaken! (I am sure some of the things that are written in this devotional need to be amended.

I am not referring to the really important issues, or what the word of God says, but to arguments, ideas or feelings expressed.) God himself, the study of his word, and time, will teach and help to correct our errors. It is the only way to advance,to be strengthened in him, and to triumph.

There are many occasions when we think we know it all. We have the answers to everyone else's problems and situations. We criticise and condemn others for not doing what we say.

It is always others who make mistakes, those who don't know how to do things properly, those who don't behave as they ought. It is always everyone else who acts in a worldly fashion, and we are the 'spiritual' ones. Isn't that true?!

This is what the Bible calls 'being wise in your own opinion'. That is the first sin in the history of humanity. Whoever we are, we think that we are right. What can others possibly teach us?

It's everyone else who ignores the important things; they are the ones who have not learnt what God is really saying. But even while we are thinking like this, God continues to say that in judging others, we are guilty ourselves. And when God says 'you', you can't look away!

So, this is one of our greatest mistakes: to judge others, to think we are always right, to refuse to change our sinful ways and conform our characters to that which God expects of us.

Don't fall into the biggest mistake of your life, don't put too much confidence in yourself, or your own wisdom.




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