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Jaime Fernandez

Getting there

Have you stopped to think that maybe you are searching in the wrong direction, even if you are following a religion?

FINISH LINE AUTOR 17/Jaime_Fernandez 07 DE ABRIL DE 2019 17:00 h
Juan Manuel Fangio in 1950. / Wikipedia.

JUAN MANUEL FANGIO won the Formula 1 motor racing championship five times in the 1950s. He held the record until Michael Schumacher won the title six times.

Fangio was the champion in 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956 and 1957.Like all great masters,he also had a secret: “To win, you must cross the finishing line”. It couldn't be simpler.

In today's world, many are trying to cross the finishing line. People follow hundreds of different paths in order to find meaning to their lives. People are more lost than ever in the 21st century.

Mankind has created a meaningless culture in its paintings, music and sculpture...much modern 'art' is based on unrecognisable images, abstract forms and deafening sounds.

The men and women of today don't find meaning in their lives. They can't fill the hole that exists in their hearts and no amount of art, music, science, literature, or other form of communication can fill it.

Despite all the advances and new opportunities that we have these days, the percentage of depression, frustration, and even suicide, rises from day to day.

Men and women of today find themselves in a situation in which no-one listens to them, no-one loves them, no-one comforts understands them.

Humanity is embarked upon a desperate search for intellectual meaning, love, beauty, understanding and freedom; and that search will never come to an end because God is the only one who can fill that emptiness - and most people do not want to look to him for the solution to the problem.

There is no single case in history of someone who finds they have been deceived by trusting in God. When we place him as our finishing line, we findlove, beauty,freedom,understanding,and reason: everything we need to find satisfaction in our lives, so that our existence makes sense.

Where are you going? What effort are you making to reach your finishing line? Have you stopped to think that maybe you are searching in the wrong direction, even if you are following a religion?

There will be so many surprises after death! There will be nothing more terrible than hearing these words from God himself: “I never knew you”.




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