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Role models

Holiness is one of God's attributes, and as His children, His holiness should be reflected in our lives.

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A good role model is always worth following. Some athletes are good examples, others don't even want to be.

GRANT HILL, one of the basketball players who received most votes to take part in the NBA all-star team, knows about this: "We are all role models. Whether or not you choose to be a good one is up to you."

Role models are always useful. In all walks of life, we need other people's help. Society is constantly searching for good leaders. Most businesses do well when the top men are good role models.

God reminds us of the importance of role models in two different ways. Firstly, he wants us to imitate the heroes of the faith. Secondly, God expects each of us to be a role model for others.

We should start by acknowledging that God is holy, which means that he is perfect. He never makes mistakes; all his desires and works are perfect. God wants us to be like him. "Hang on!" you say, "That's impossible!"

Well, you are partly right, and partly not. It is true that it is impossible to be just like God, but it is also true that our goal is holiness as God understands it.

Holiness is one of God's attributes, and we are his children. His holiness should be reflected in our lives.

God expects us to be examples to others. We must avoid evil and live according to his will and character. People will always point out our faults, but we should stand out for our holiness.

When people see me, they should see part of God's character. When God sees me, he should be able to say: "Follow that example…"




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