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Strengthen your knees

Hands and knees are two of the most important tools for a Christian: hands to serve, knees to pray.

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It happened in one of the training sessions of the Real Madrid basketball team. FERRANDIZ was the coach at the time, and to finish the exercises he said: 'Now, each player has to make 50 throws from his usual position'.

One of the substitute players of the team, tired of the coach paying no attention to him in the matches, went to the bench and threw the ball from there.

When Ferrandiz shouted at him, the player answered: 'The bench is my usual position, so I can hardly throw from any other place.'

How are your hands? And your knees? Of course I'm not asking if they are OK - but whether they are prepared. They are two of the most important tools for a Christian: hands to serve, knees to pray.

Your hands should be strong, ready to work. Your knees should be firm, ready to pray. If our hands are weak, we cannot fight; if our knees stagger, we're going to fall, defeated.

Did you read how Daniel three times a day, opened the windows of his house and knelt to talk to God? He didn't bother about what people thought: he was not worried if he was pointed out or if he was called a fanatic.

The only concern for Daniel was having his hands strong and his knees firm. And Daniel was one of the most important people in the world in his day. He was not afraid of anything or anybody.

It's weird but sometimes one word hurts us more than a whole defeat. It seem as if a simple gibe could spoil all our life. We're afraid of being pointed out, and much more of being pointed out spiritually!

I've seen young people running away, ashamed of the accusation: 'How silly look those Christians!' In shame, we quickly lower our hands and stop fighting; our knees weaken and we stop praying.

We are so foolish! Why are we so worried about what people say? If they are defeated, do we want to be like them? They don't have a future, they don't know what they are doing, and they don't have any idea of how to enjoy what God has given us all.

Are we going to let them drag us into the mud? How can we be so silly?

God is the most wonderful thing that exists! Let everyone know it! Let everyone see it! Strengthen your hands! Secure your knees! Open the windows of your house so the wonderful sweetness of God can come in!




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