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Do not fall

If you want to win: pray,keep an intimate and direct relationship with God and avoid evil.

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One of the great players in the history of the NBA was MICHAEL RAY RICHARDSON.

During the time in which he played with the NEW JERSEY NETS he achieved in one season more than 20 points, 3 steals and nearly 9 assists per match.

However, while at the highest point of his career, he was several times warned for drug problems and finally was dismissed from the NBA.

One way of defeating the tricks of evil is TO RUN AWAY!

One of the favourite ploys of the devil is to make us believe that nothing is happening: we think that we can try anything - like drugs - and give it up again without problems.

He manages to persuade intelligent people that they should experience everything before forming their own opinion.

At the same time, it seems that today you cannot be a normal person if you do not do what everyone else does. Do not fall into sin! If you try drugs just once, you will be captured by it.

It is the same with sin. God says that really intelligent people only have one strategy against evil: TO FLEE! Joseph won because he avoided temptation. The moment we stop to negotiate, we are defeated.

There are a lot of things that the devil tempts us with. Today young people are tempted by drugs, alcohol, free sex, materialism... but the consequences of all of them are terrible: disillusionment, frustration, emptiness, hatred, physical and psychological problems and in many cases, even death.

If you want to win: pray,keep an intimate and direct relationship with God and avoid evil.




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