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Alain Auderset

The guy with the stick

I walk on to a stretch on the edge of the forest that is particularly full of light, and right there: Whoosh!  

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset 28 DE ENERO DE 2017 17:30 h
Image: Alain Auderset

- “What on earth is that guy going to do with that bit of wood in his hand?! Oh well... he doesn’t look so bad, he’s probably not going to hit us…”

This is what passers-by must think when I come back from my daily walk in the forest, because each time I bring back a wooden stick.

Just as sure as the weather is warm at the moment, I know that the winter cold will come. That’s why I’m asking God for a wood stove to heat my comic book studio with its broken windows. So while waiting, as I know that He will give it to me: I am already getting the wood ready.


Flowers that fly

I walk on to a stretch on the edge of the forest that is particularly full of light, and right there: Whoosh!  

A multitude of multi coloured butterflies have all taken wing around me…

I so love these moments of conversation with Jesus, they are sometimes (not always) totally magical...

I look at my hand: is that really a branch I’m holding? For an entire half-second, I thought it was His hand.

My walk smells good this morning, it must be the flower fairies letting off little farts.


The loveliest reward

If God didn’t surround me with this whole little word, I’m sure I wouldn’t manage to keep the boat steady…

Yesterday it was a young girl who came to stay overnight in our improvised guest-room. 

Having decided to go back to art college, she has come to help me in the studio.

She was converted to a life with God three years ago… by reading one of my comic books…

I think of all those winters believing in this, against the flow, and here’s another person who is being born again, like the Spring all around me.




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