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Pass the ball

There is no reason for us to be ashamed of the greatest thing that exists: God himself.

FINISH LINE AUTOR 17/Jaime_Fernandez 15 DE ENERO DE 2023 17:00 h
Juan Carlos Valerón. / [link]Eurosport[/link]

Footballers who are technically very good players, may land up with a small problem, which is that they live and play just for themselves.

However, that could never be said of two great players who contended for the champions league, the Spaniard, JUAN CARLOS VALERÓN (Deportivo La Coruña),and the Brazilian, JOSE EDMILSON (Olympique de Lyon).

These two players always looked for the best-placed teammate to whom they could pass the ball.

Both are Christians, committed to Jesus, and they don't hesitate to speak publicly about their faith, and the importance of God in their lives.

Unfortunately, not all Christians have a desire to talk about the Lord with others. Some hide the best that they have, keeping it to themselves, without concern for others and without thinking to offer help to anyone else.

Why are so few of God's people brave enough to talk to others about the gospel of Christ? Is it embarrassment, fear, lack of knowledge, disobedience or sin?

There is no reason for us to be ashamed of the greatest thing that exists: God himself. We should not be afraid when the All Powerful One is with us. We can't make the excuse of lack of knowledge...which would be our own fault.

Could the reason be our sin? Can you honestly say to God: "I don't want to evangelise, because I prefer to disobey you!" What is your excuse?

The good news of God is easily communicated. The example of the two players mentioned above is a challenge to us.

Both Valerón and Edmilson are Christian believers who don't hesitate to talk about the Lord with others. Think about it, the more people who know what God has done for you the better!

Speak about what God tells you! Announce what God is asking you to do! Obey Jesus' command and evangelise!

Have you never thought about this before? It's the best favour that you can do for your friends.

If you speak to them about the love of God,you will be offering them life! What other thing could you do that signifies so much? What else could give more meaning to their lives?

There is nothing that could make them more grateful to you, than showing them what God has done in your life, and what he could do in theirs.

One day, in heaven, you will know just how many people are grateful to you for not keeping quiet about your faith.

Please, allow Jesus to speak to you, and share it with others.




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