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It is my weakness

God allows us to fall because of our weaknesses, so that we would recognise that our power must come from Him,

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Alfredo Di Stéfano. / [link]Real Madrid[/link]

We have spoken several times already about him, sometimes because of his skill (the best footballer of all times) but on many other occasions for his quotes, full of sporting wisdom.

I am talking about ALFREDO DI STEFANO and one of his phrases was, When you win, you should not say much... when you lose, even less.

When something goes wrong we all know who is at fault: our neighbor, friend, boss, employee, the government, other people, our culture, family, money... and if we can't find anyone else to take the blame we may even find ourselves blaming God.

We would be much better off if we had kept quiet, at least that way we would appear more intelligent!

Our weakness is our pride and boastfulness. Sometimes we reach the conclusion that if it wasn't for us our family would never move forward, our friends would not know what to do and our neighborhood would be much worse off.

If you think that, it would be best if you kept quiet; at least you would probably pass for being intelligent.

God does not encourage us to be proud, for the simple reason that pride is a slippery slope, which lands us in failure. Once you have fallen it is very difficult to climb back up again.

Have you ever realized that all the great men and women of faith in the Bible also had particular weaknesses? They all received dents in their pride, so that they would realise that without God they were nothing special. There are many examples:

Elijah's weakness was depression

Peter's was in denying knowing Jesus

Paul had what he called his 'thorn in the flesh' Jacob's weakness was cheating

David's was sexual sin...

God allowed these people to fall because of their weaknesses, so that they would recognise that their power must come from Him, not from within themselves. We have no right to believe solely in ourselves.




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