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Don’t follow me, I’m lost

If you have everything, but you do no't have God, you are lost, and it would be better if no one followed your example.

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George Best. / [link]Anefo[/link], Wikimedia Commons.

GEORGE BEST was a brilliant and incorrigible player.

During the height of his fame as a footballer, he appeared in an advert under the slogan 'Here is a clean player'. Later, in an international game, George was unhappy with the referee's decision and grabbed some mud and threw it at the referee.

Of course he got a red card. During that match the television advert of the 'clean sportsman' appeared.

Many of the greatest 'stars' should wear a sign around their necks that says 'Don't follow me - I'm lost'. I am talking about sports stars, film stars, musicians, politicians, as well as well-known people from the worlds of art and science.

Many are happy to talk openly against God, even though millions of people may be listening to what they say. Many others live brazenly in the world of drugs, sex and the struggle for money and power.

Those 'stars' don't care about the thousands of young people who want to follow their example. The final result is often clear: many famous people suffer from depression, loneliness and some even commit suicide.

If you have everything, but you do no't have God, you are lost, and it would be better if no one followed your example.

You could say, “but they mean well”. Sometimes it seems as though sincerity is the most important quality; in the face of any serious problem, the excuse might be “But they were so sincere!”

That seems to be the key for not being held responsible for one's actions. There are even those who say that it does not matter what you do, as long as it is well-meant, everyone will understand... even God!

We forget that some of the worst murderers are sincere in what they do. Hitler believed that what he was doing was correct when he killed millions of Jews, and destroyed much of Europe.

Terrorists sincerely believes that they are fighting for a good cause. There are many religious leaders who talk about how to share their faith while at the same time they are killing, robbing and deceiving people. Yes, many people live truly mistaken lives. Being sincere is of no use if you are lost.

What is the basis of your life? Sincerity? The 'don't follow me, I'm lost' system? Don't forget one thing: it is impossible to deceive God.

If the basis of your life is not a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you are lost. It does not matter how sincere you are.




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