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One of the family

At the end of your earthly life, if you have left the mark of God's presence on other people's lives, you will have been a success.

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JACKIE JOYNER-KERSEE won the Olympic Heptathlon, surely one of the toughest of all athletic competitions.

Jackie's sister-in-law is Florence Griffith, also an Olympic champion, and her trainer is also her husband. What a family!

According to statistics, 80% of young people who read this devotional will someday be parents. I don't know what you will become in life: athlete, university graduate, executive, scientist... but I do know something much more important: the positive influence that you can have on your children.

At the end of your earthly life, if you have left the mark of God's presence on other people's lives, you will have been a success.

I know we have discussed this several times, but I can't help mentioning a few more important things.

Even if you don't have children at the moment, don't throw down this devotional and go have a coke! I've got another challenge for you: take time today to learn what God says about children.

Let's read the book of Proverbs again and note all the texts that talk about raising children: you'll find at least forty.

Write them down and remember them when you need to. Don't forget:

1. A child is never too young to talk about God. Even before birth, mother and father can pray together for their unborn child.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that they don't understand: even a child of just a few months could amaze you with their receptiveness.

2. The first impression that a child receives about God comes from its parents. The child will think that God is like you, acts like you and loves and understands them like you.

You have a big responsibility! Many young people don't believe in God because they've been disillusioned by their parents.

3. Be positive, kind and loving. Don't poison your children. Many parents 'poison' mealtimes by gossiping about other people. Be kind to your children.

Never use bad language or bad manners. Be affectionate; love and understanding are the best things you can teach them in life.




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