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Travelling light

The Bible is unique. God took it upon Himself to teach the world that His Word is not just another book.

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Claudio Taffarel. / [link] l3o [/link], Flickr CC 2.0

During Italy's 1990 World Cup, the Brazilian team had one of the best goalkeepers of his time: TAFFAREL.

He had already been named the world's best juvenile goalkeeper when his national team won the Championship, and he was also goalkeeper for the Brazilian national side when they won the silver medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Taffarel has often said: “I usually travel light, but never without my Bible”.

Most of us have pondered the question, “What would you take with you to a desert island?” I hope your answer includes the greatest book in human history: the Bible.

The Bible is unique; it is the word of God. God took it upon Himself to teach the world that His word is not just another book.

We could spend several days exploring the Bible and the reasons we are convinced that it's the word of God, but as usual, I want you to find out for yourself.

Think about how it was written, compiled, preserved through years of persecution; how it has been understood, admired, loved, copied thousands of times, studied by thousands of expert scholars, translated into most of the world's languages, protected with people's very lives, understood by children as well as adults, memorised and put into practice.

Think about its influence throughout history and the world. Think about its unique message. Remember, it's God's word, truly indispensable.

Remember the many times you yourself have found help in God's word.

You were confused or upset about something, and God gave you the key in one of the verses.

Remember how much you have learnt from the Bible about all kinds of things, from personal relationships to the Creator himself.

Remember how you have gone to the word of God for comfort. You have read His words with tears, with sorrow in your heart, and God gave you exactly what you needed.

Remember how much understanding and friendship you have found in the Bible. Remember how often God has revealed His will through his word!

We remember and love so many things about the word of God. It's indispensable, all right.

Time's wasting, and you are not reading it!




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