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The mind

What happens when the storms of life come? Will we keep on trusting in ourselves? Will we still think we are right?

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Bobbby Fischer playing in Leipzig. / [link]Bundesarchiv[/link], Wikimedia Commons.

Very few people in the world have a memory like that of champion chess player BOBBY FISCHER.

In 1963 he competed in a tournament in Poughkeepsie, New York. At some point he went to the washroom, and stopped for a moment to watch another match in which Frank Brady was playing.

When they met again months later, Fischer told Brady how he could have won the match easily, and went on to reconstruct it completely.

After the World Championship of lightning matches in 1970, Fischer was able to reconstruct the 22 matches he had played.

A person's mind determines most of their actions. Many people use their minds to learn more, and that's good. Others live their lives believing in false, destructive things. It has been always so.

We cannot seem to trust anyone else with our health, our belongings, our home, and hundreds of other things, but when we make the greatest decision in life, about what will happen after death,  we leave it to the last moment, and sometimes, we don't deal with it even then. Such confusion!

Never forget that our thoughts are the Devil's favorite target. He knows that if he controls your mind, he can control your body

  • He makes us believe we are superior (at least not as bad as So-and-so!).

  • He makes us believe we don't need God.

  • He makes us believe that spiritual things are fairy tales.

  • He makes the things that destroy us seem pleasant.

  • He gives us the desire to do evil.

  • He teaches us to argue: “everyone does it”, “it's not as bad as it seems”, “no one will ever know”, “just this once”, “if you don't do it they'll laugh at you” , etc.

We think we are making our own decisions, but we have fallen into the Devil's trap.

Our own pride keeps us from acknowledging it, just as it keeps us from admitting our mistakes.

What happens when the storms of life come? Will we keep on trusting in ourselves? Will we still think we are right?

When illness, depression, worry, misfortune, rejection, bereavement and other things attack us, will we still think we have all the answers?

Are you still trusting in yourself? Will you still think that you are a god when faced with your enemies?




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