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Take care of the foundations

We should invest time every day in learning our foundations, pick up the Word of God every day and read it..

FINISH LINE AUTOR 17/Jaime_Fernandez 22 DE MAYO DE 2022 17:00 h
Charles Smith started playing for the Los Angels Clippers / You tube screenshot.

CHARLES SMITH was selected as one of the best defense players in the NBA.

He was considered to be very fast for his height. In his team they called him “Mr Foundation” because Charles always said that it was important to have good foundations in your life: “Lisa [his wife] and I study the Bible every night and pray together”.

The fundamental techniques of players influence the majority of games in almost all individual and collective sports. The final result almost always depends on the following basics: easy goals in football, easy baskets in basketball, shooting and easy attacking in handball, etc.

That shows that only those who dominate these situations are the true winners.

Do you know why? The moment our nerves take over and fear sets in, or our strength begins to fail, the only things that stand firm are those foundations, those things that we know how to do "with our eyes shut".

If we don't have strong foundations, we will fail.

In the end, everything that we believe in and have set in our minds is what matters the most. As we make millions of decisions, especially the important ones, we realise that our basic foundations are what keep us in good stead.

If we do not really know where we are going, it is very likely that we will make rash decisions and be easily fooled by others. If we are not completely sure of what we believe, and the basis of our security is weak, we will be groping in the dark all our lives.

How are your basic foundations? Are you very familiar with what God has prepared for you? Do you know why He works the way He does in the world?

Are you able to explain to any person the message of the love of God? If you only had three minutes to talk to someone about God, what would you say?

We should invest time every day in learning our foundations.

We should pick up the Word of God every day and read it.

God inspired all of his Word so that we could know Him. Don't forget, take care of yourself and take care of your foundations,in the decisive moments, it will be these foundations that help you make the right decision.




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