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17 ideas heard at YLG 2016

Michael Oh, Os Guiness, René Breuel, Rebecca Manley Pippert, Mutua Mahiani, Anne Zaki, Ravi Zacharias and others shared their views at the Lausanne Movement Younger Leaders Gathering in Jakarta (Indonesia).

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Michael Oh, CEO of the Lausanne Movement, speaking in Jakarta during the YLG 2016 conference. / Lausanne Movement

1. "81% of non-Christians personally don't know a Christian." Jason Mandryk & Molly Wall

2. "Preach the wounded Saviour to a wounded world." Ravi Zacharias

3. "Our nations are in darkness, but the Cross is the shortest way to lighting up the darkness." Anne Zaki

4. "Disciplines are important, desires are fundamental." Vaughan Roberts

5. "Leverage yourself for the spread of the gospel to those who have never heard." David Platt

6. "I beg you to memorize your Bible verses." Iranian Christian

7. "If Jesus isn't the hero of your story, you haven't told your story properly." Richard Chin

8. "What risks will we take today, in this generation, for the sake of the next?" Anne Zaki

9. "Have the courage to take on your own generation." Os Guinness

10. "Sometimes we are so crippled by complexity that we refuse to take the next step... Let us move beyond the complexity and step forward." Prashan De Visser

11. "What we set our eyes on will be our steadiness... our vigor." Rene Breuel

12. “There is no God in a workaholic. If God needed a 7th day to rest don’t you think you also need to rest? Are you just doing things for God or WITH God?” Kristina Alikhanyan

13. “To evangelise is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and offer the freedom of His life to others.” Michael Oh

14. " Deal with the seed of the sin before it becomes a tree. When we really want to do something but we know we shouldn’t - it’s because of an idol in our heart that at one point we gave into. Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus is the hardest part of our calling and yet we must keep Jesus central. Also, we must maintain close relationships. Leadership is isolating and in order to pursue close relationships we may need to say ‘no’ to good and great ministry opportunities." Vaughan Roberts

15. “Jesus established relationships. He went to them. He sparked curiosity. We must be able to identify with others without being identical.” Becky Pippert

16. “The choice you have is — are you going to be a name or a voice to raise people from the dead in this day? Lead from your testimony not your title. Also, hang out with the right kind of people. [The people I lead I would want to follow them any day]. Celebrate them and ask them to speak into your life… Go over the promises of God every day to remind you what God has spoken. Also, prayer saves time. The way to get things done is to pray.” Mutua Mahiaini

17. “God is a God of diversity. When we try to downplay our differences we are denying the purpose God has for us. We become sterile sameness. God created all the cultures from the tower of Babel not as a punishment but as an opportunity to have “what they wanted in the first place” - a name for themselves. In exchange, a greater name was given - a reflection of the image of God.” Anne Zaki

Quotes collected by Greg Wilton and Stephanie Lin Kaihoi.

Read the full report about the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering here.




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