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Never drop the ball

Pray, talk and behave as God expects you to. Don't get impatient on the way, because the answer will come when you least expect it.

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1976 NBA Finals. / [link][/link]

The longest game in NBA history was Suns v. Celtics; the Celtics won by 126-128. The Suns lost in overtime by one point, as they had to shoot from under their own basket, making it almost impossible to score.

They asked for a time-out, and a technical foul was called for exceeding their time. The opposing team scored on the regulation free throw.

Of course, they could shoot from mid-court They sank the last basket and gained more overtime. Talk about fighting to the very last breath! How wonderful to have teammates who never drop the ball!

It's vital to fight for every basket! People have to learn to fight to the bitter end. It's often essential in life to fight on without wasting a second, especially in the spiritual realm.

We've all fought to the utmost to help someone we love. Sometimes it seems that no-one can help those closest to us.They won't listen, no matter what anyone says, no matter what happens.

We may have tried to tell them what God can do for them, and it seems like we've wasted our time. We get discouraged and finally decide that it's time to give up. "There's just no way this person is going to come to the Lord", we say.

The same thing happened to the people of Israel; they got impatient on the way. I know, I know, you're saying: "You don't know this person, it's hopeless!"

The people closest to us always seem the hardest to reach, but God tells us to keep on trying. Keep praying about their situation and their problems.

No matter what, keep the lines of communication open with tact and love, using every opportunity without becoming a nuisance. Hard as it may seem, however long it takes, no-one is so hopeless that God can't touch their heart.

We have to go on trusting in God's power. Pray, talk and behave as God expects you to. Don't get impatient on the way, because the answer will come when you least expect it. It'll be amazing.




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