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Happiness is so simple to find: you just need to pay attention to what God says.

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Cuban athlete Felix Carvajal at the 1904 Olympic Games. / [link]Wikipedia.Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society [/link]

One of the most beautiful stories about the Olympics, happened in the 1904 Games in St Louis. It is the story of the Cuban, FELIX CARVAJAL.

Félix was a postman, who could not finance his trip to America, so he organised collections everywhere to pay for the trip. He arrived in North America and the same day had the little money he had left stolen, and so had to walk the 1125 kilometers to get to St Louis.

He only arrived the day before the start. In the end, he turned up with just his boots and shorts, and everyone laughed at him. They took him for a lunatic, especially because he was going to run the marathon, the hardest test for all athletes.

But that was nothing. He spent the race talking, stopping and eating with the spectators. That day, along the 26 mile course, Félix made many friends and still had time to finish FOURTH!

With very little extra effort he would have won the bronze medal. Everybody said that he could have been first without any effort, but he was only interested in being happy. He was the most glorious and happy loser in history.

Happiness, how many people talk about it and how little they experience it! However, it is so simple to find: you just need to pay attention to what God says.

One of the books of the Bible that talks most about happiness is the book of Psalms: the first word that appears is "blessed" and the book finishes praising God in an unequalled show of happiness.

Do you want to know on what this happiness is based? Notice what it says:

1. Happy is the one who walks uprightly (1: 1,37: 37)

2. Happy is the one who takes refuge in God (2: 12, 16: 11) and relies on God

3. Happy is the one who is forgiven (32: 1)

4. Happy is the one who is happy in God (32: II, 45: 15)

5. Happy is the one who thinks of the poor (41: 1)

6. Happy is the one who has been saved by God (9: 14, 21: 1)

7. Happy is the one who serves God (65: 4)

8. Happy is the one who praises God (81: 1)

9. Happy is the one whom God corrects (94: 12)

10. Happy is the one who recognises God’s gifts every day of their life (118: 24)

11. Happy is the one who enjoys their work (128: 2)

12. All nature overflows with happiness! (96: 12, 48: 12, 92: 4)

If you are looking for true happiness, you already know where find it.




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