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Only a man, only a woman

God does not need extraordinary people, only people willing to put themselves in His hands.

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Michael Chang. / [link]Wikimedia Commons.[/link]

As we saw in other article, MICHAEL CHANG was only 17 years old when, in 1990 he won the Roland Garros tennis tournament in Paris, and it was written of him, "Some boys go to Paris to study history, others make it".

He was already one of the five best tennis players in the world. In spite of his youth,he had already learned the truly important lesson of his life: "Some believe that I am a pin-up, I only want to be a portrait of Jesus Christ".

From the beginning of humanity, God has been looking for men and women like us. God does not need extraordinary people, only people willing to fight for him.

God looks for people willing to put themselves in his hands, and go anywhere without any conditions, at whatever the cost.

Everyone can think up excuses. In the gospel of Luke we read some of them: "I have just bought...", "I have just gotmarried", "I have bought land, and I am going to build..." Perhaps we think these are valid excuses, but they are not acceptable to God.

There are few things in this life as useless as giving excuses to God. It is simply not worthwhile. In the end, there is only one reason for our excuses: we are not willing to pay the price.

We believe that to have to live by the will of God is something that only the "saints" have to do.

God never works this way. No, when God calls, he gives to each person those things necessary for their work, although we sometimes don't understand this. In the Bible there are many seemingly illogical calls from God.

Imagine Samson, a woman-chaser, becoming a Judge of Israel? And Saul being King? And what do you think of a prostitute, Rahab, becoming a vital part in the conquest of a city? And a woman, Deborah becoming commander of the armies, because no man responded to the call?

That a man like Gideon, the fearful young man, was able to win a battle with just three hundred soldiers? That someone like the persecuting Saul, in the New Testament, was transformed to become one of the greatest evangelists in history? All illogical things from God which, when we examine them thoroughly, have much more logic than we first thought.

God knows whom to call. God is only waiting for one thing from us: our reply.




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