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Do good and...

Although we have not been saved by our good works, the Bible says that they are the result of our salvation.

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Terry Cummings when he played in Milwaukee Bucks. / [link]@Bucks[/link]

Some NBA basketball players are key in their teams. They are not the best players in the league, but they are, without a doubt, the most important in the game. No team is as good without them.

One of the best was the winger TERRY CUMMINGS, of the San Antonio Spurs. Terry was born in one of the poorest districts of Chicago.

Now he belongs to a group of Christian athletes devoted to helping poor children. He knows that the best way of preaching the gospel of Christ is by doing good.

Many people have emphasised the importance of good works. Some think that man's salvation depends on the good that he does.

This is a serious error: one cannot buy God at any price. No, God tells us that salvation is by grace, therefore it cannot be bought.

Our relationship with God depends on our faith in Him, our trust in what He has done, not in what we do.

However, although we have not been saved by our good works, the Bible says that they are the result of our salvation.

It is easy to explain: before, when we had our backs to God, we did what we wanted (generally selfish things); now that God has given us a new life, we want to do what God wants.

We want to be kind because our Father is. We want to do good to others, because God does good to all. It is the natural fruit of our life with God. The Lord Jesus taught us what kindness means when he explained the parable of the good Samaritan.

It is very familiar so we know the teaching: that by not just doing good to the neighbour who lives closest to you, but to all whom you meet, that you are a true child of God. Kindness. is a fruit of the Spirit of God.

If God lives inside us, we have to reflect that kindness. If we say that Jesus is our Lord, we have to live our lives helping others.

People will know more or less what God is like by what they see in us. What do our friends say? Yes, they know what we believe, but do they see it as well? Do they recognise us as somebody that is concerned for others?

Don't deceive yourselves. Our kindness could not be demonstrated any other way: if God lives inside us, we will be like the good Samaritan. We will be the first to offer help.




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