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God has placed people with more wisdom at our side to help us in difficult moments.

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Avery Johnson when he was coach of Dallas Maverics. / [link]Wikipedia[/link]

In basketball, when you want to get rid of your marker, you can use many different techniques, but one of the simplest is to double step.

AVERY JOHNSON is one of the best-known playmakers in the NBA (San Antonio), but at the beginning of his career, things were difficult. He wasn't selected in the draft because he was too small.

But he believed in his own talent. "I know I can do it, it's what my parents showed me, God has brought me here, and I know I can do it..." Avery repeated again and again.

He was like an "angel" in the team, helping when things got difficult.

Some times we forget that spiritual life is as real as physical life. God says that he sends angels to protect us in difficult situations. They are almost always invisible. They obey the orders of God and take care of spiritual warfare.

That is a war that takes place in the spiritual world that we cannot see, but we can feel it. It is a war that has to do with our defence and protection. A war against the armies of evil whose objective is to defy what God says: a war in which there is no rest.

God has placed angels at your side, angels who watch, protect and take care of you. Angels who teach spiritual lessons from your life, who listen to what you say and observe how you behave. Angels who help you.

You need them, as we all need them. You would be surprised if you knew the amount of times that they have rescued you from the grip of evil.

Because the war is, in the first place, a spiritual war and we need help, God has placed people with more wisdom at our side to help us in difficult moments.

Never despise his advice, given through these people, otherwise you will have to learn the hard way.

God listens to the prayers of our brothers and sisters for us, and God sends angels to protect us in answer to these prayers. Maybe you and I are only alive now thanks to some prayer that God has answered.

Have you an enemy confronting you? You don't know what to do? Don't worry! You are not alone! The angel of the Lord is with you. He is at your side to help you.

Ask the Lord for his protection to become very real for you. Because he protects and saves those who honour him.




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