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Jaime Fernandez

Don’t make it so complicated

We should all do what God has prepared for us, wherever he has placed us. And we should do it with a clean heart.

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Being coach of any sport is more difficult than we sometimes think.

By only being able to trust the results it is always like “being on the brink of ruin”. This is the reason why good coaches are the ones that simplify things.

MARK HUGHES (Manchester City) is one of the most well known coaches in England, he was a great player and this has been a big help to his job as a coach.

He always expects all the members of his team to go out on the field to give their best. Even if it seems very simple, this is the only way to win championships.

We all like it when someone raises their game. They really stand out and leave us wide-eyed and open-mouthed. But when someone 'raises their game' on the spiritual front they are just playing games. Such behaviour is not spiritual living.

Our life is made up of a series of uncomplicated and continuous acts, not of hyper-events. These can occur, but they are not the norm.

As in sport, so in life; victory comes from going about things simply, in the routine of each day.

It's here where God shows up most; right here, when we are keeping things simple and doing what we know best, nothing more.

What is the secret of a simple life? Transparency for one thing. If we are transparent we don't have to cover up, we don't have to try to be what we are not, we don't have to wear masks.

It means being sincere, not having hidden motives, nor thinking others have them either. It means going about things calmly, simply, without show or 'political manouverings' that could cause harm to another person.

To be transparent is to have a clean heart before God and also before others. King David will do as an example of what it means to be transparent before God.

Whether he was up or down, confident or despairing, blessed or feeling guilty ... David could hide nothing from God.

God doesn't ask us to do something out of the ordinary. That's his speciality. He doesn't expect you to go through life chasing miracles and wonders.

He'll do them for you in the simplicity of each day. The Bible says that we should all do what God has prepared for us, wherever he has placed us. And we should do it with a clean heart. Quite simply.




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