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Jaime Fernandez

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The Bible teaches that blessings and curses cannot spring from the same source.

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“I'd prefer to say nothing about the ref but sometimes..... ” More than one famous football manager or president has said these words after the match, using them as a launch pad to shoot off a thousand and one things against he match officials.

It's unfortunate but true that we are generally very good at putting others down, at gossiping about friends and enemies alike, providing, of course, that they are out of earshot and can't defend themselves.

It is a dangerous game in the context of sport because verbal violence can and does trigger physical violence. In fact, that is often its only  outcome.

It's these words which lie behind the riots (and crime) that we sometimes see on and off the field. God says that gossiping is of the Devil. In fact one of his names in Scripture is accuser.

So when we accuse people we are being devilish. We can be very clever, and devious, in the way we go about speaking ill of others.

Have you noticed? “But he's not the angel he appears to be, you know. Did you know that ...', 'Now don't go spreading this about, but ...', 'What! And you listened to her? If only you knew ...' So .. what comes out of our mouths?

The Bible teaches that blessings and curses cannot spring from the same source. How on earth can we be speaking about the Lord to someone, and then a split second later be cursing one of his children? And don't go saying you've never done this!

Cursing simply means talking badly about someone. Remember: we show what we're made of, if we can control our tongues; someone with a wagging tongue can never be loyal.

With our tongue we can tear a person to shreds; we can ruin their reputation, their friends, their family, even their work. And we think that's OK! Can't you see that God will hold us accountable for this? He says what we sow we shall also reap.

So watch your back! Such words are boomerangs! No. We cannot sin against God in this way and think it's all going to be OK!

Jesus stood out so much in many people's minds because he went about sowing blessings. We should follow his example. To bless means to speak well of someone.

May the words of our mouths be a blessing to others!




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