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Jaime Fernandez

The signing of the year

If God has given everything for us, then surely He deserves that we give Him all of ourselves in return.

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Cristiano Ronaldo. / Wikimedia Commons.

Every so often we hear new of some great 'signing of the year'. You know - when a 'star' player is exchanged for several players of another team, or for a huge amount of money.

Not too long ago CRISTIANO RONALDO was on the front pages of the press when Real Madrid bought him from Manchester United for almost € 100 million.

But sport is not the only arena where high stakes are involved in exchanges. Did you know that the highest price ever paid was actually given for you? Surprised? I bet you are!

God says that He will “give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life” .

This is just how important you are to Him!! The Bible says that God looks out for each person in the whole universe and He'll do all that it takes for us to know Him.

It has been said that no love is greater than when someone lays down his life for His friends... but God's love for us is so huge that Jesus died for us - even when we were His enemies!

Yes, God gave more than nations for us; He gave the best He had - his own Son, Jesus Christ - so that by believing in Him we can have eternal life. This is how much we are worth in God's eyes.

This being the case, how on earth can you keep on believing that you mean nothing to God? Such a great demonstration of love cannot be ignored. You simply can't play it as cool as ice when God has given everything for you.

Nothing can be compared with God's love. Remember that all His actions are rooted in love, love for each and every person in this world - including you. He will go to any extreme to win you over, to give you life.

The question is this: what are you going to do about it?

How are we going to live? If God has given everything for us, then surely He deserves that we give Him all of ourselves in return.

What other option is there for me - except to give Him everything in return, all my possessions and all my strength? It's all His. My life belongs to Him, for no-one has given so much in exchange.




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