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Jaime Fernandez

Trouble shooting

How do you solve your problems?

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Photo: Rachel Davis. Unsplash (CC0).

At the first modern Olympic Games, the rules for the rowing competition required a cox.

During the 1900 Paris Olympics, the Dutch team filled this requirement by taking a child from the crowd (because he didn't weigh much) and naming him cox. They won the gold medal, and the child became the youngest gold medallist ever. It was a clever solution to a problem.

How do you solve your problems? Worry, frustration, anger and other emotions are the most common reactions.

Years ago someone wrote down their reactions to difficulties; they came up with seven before they found the right one! When things go wrong, be it in personal relationships, situations or with objects, we usually do one of the following:

1. Blame others.

2. Feel sorry for ourselves. "Poor me, these things only ever happen to me," etc.

3. Desire revenge. "Lord, this is so-and-so's fault. Punish him!" Or, "Just wait till I see them!"

4. Anger. This needs no explanation, does it? It's probably the most common reaction.

5. Pray for God to do our own will. "Lord, fix this situation..." We treat God like a "fairy godmother" who awaits our orders.

6. Escape. We run as far as possible from the problem, physically or figuratively. "No problem," "I'm all right," etc.

7. Apply Psalm 55:22.

David himself wrote down all these solutions.The seven reactions are in today's reading, Psalm 55.

I won't quote the verses that go with the first six, so you can do a bit of work and note them in your Bible - it's well worth it! We should use the seventh reaction throughout life. Pray to the Lord, explain our worries, and LEAVE THEM WITH HIM.




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