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Jaime Fernández

Run for the victory

You may renounce many things, but never give up the truth. Only truth can set you free.

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Paul Elvstrom. / Wikimedia Commons.

PAUL ELVSTROM is a remarkable case. Born in Denmark in 1928, he won the gold medal for sailing (Finn class) in the 1948 London Olympics, as well as in Helsinki (1952), Melbourne (1956) and Rome (1960), when the competition was held in Naples.

In the 1968 Mexico Olympics, Paul came fourth; in Munich (1972) he was thirteenth, and fourth again in Los Angeles (1984). Few people have triumphed so many times.

We spoke before about not giving up or thinking the last word has been said. This is a good example. In spite of so many victories, Paul kept participating and trying to go higher. That is his glory, just as God has taught us about our glory.

God sums it up in three clear, simple and glorious steps.

1. Ride forth victoriously: God's word teaches us never to turn back, but to fight to conquer more spiritual territory, more promises, more self-control, more of the Spirit's control in our lives. Work in the fullness of the Spirit to be more like Jesus every day.

2. Work on behalf of truth: you may renounce many things, but never give up the truth. Only truth can set you free, as the Lord Jesus said. If you're living a lie, your life is meaningless and you're enslaved to that lie.

Working for the truth means defending it at any price, even if it means giving up our lives. Working for the truth means not getting carried away by a lie. It means fighting for God himself, because he is Truth.

3. Work with humility and righteousness: this means both earthly and heavenly righteousness. It means siding with the humble, helping them recover what is taken from them. It means telling the truth about God's love for them and showing it tangibly through our love.

Humility and righteousness mean not being influenced by the powerful, but proclaiming the truth in spite of the odds. Righteousness in action brings God's kingdom on earth, because only God is truly righteous




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