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Jaime Fernandez

Jump in with both feet

If God is calling you to a responsible job, don't be afraid. He himself will fit you for it by his Spirit, and you'll do well.

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Wyndham Halswelle./ Wikimedia Commons.

A single athlete took part in the re-run final of the 400 metres in the 1908 London Olympic Games. Of course, he won!

The other finalists had refused to take part in the re-run, believing that the original result should have stood. For once WYNDHAM HALSWELLE, the winner, was unafraid to win - he couldn't lose!

Strange as it may seem, this fear of winning has meant the loss of more medals, matches, and competitions etc. than anything else in the history of sport.

It appears in the final minutes of a match; the responsibility for winning is dizzying, and only champions can ignore failure.

Let's take an example from basketball. We all know good players who hide at the crucial moment. The ball seems to burn their hands, and they can't risk winning. When it's time to make a decision or accept responsibility, when the going gets tough, some people just seem to vanish.

Many want to avoid the risks of responsibility. They'd rather hold a simple job because they're uncomfortable in positions of responsibility. This reaction isn't bad in itself but it's dangerous when it hinders our development.

If God is calling you to a responsible job, don't be afraid. He himself will fit you for it by his Spirit, and you'll do well. The Bible says the Spirit helps us in our weakness, and we're never weak if we're filled with the Holy Spirit.

One of the chaptersof the Bible speaks of the Lord Jesus just moments before his death. Though everyone had abandoned him, he wasn't afraid to do what he had to do. He didn't hide when things got tough; he didn't run away from the supreme test.

Decisive situations call for people who aren't afraid of circumstances, responsible people who don't hide: weak people strengthened by the Spirit of God.




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