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Are you the first to give sincere congratulations? Do you think to thank God for what happens to you?

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Coach Mark Jackson. / [link] Rose White[/link], Flickr CC.

All good players have plenty of admirers. MARK JACKSON was the key player of the basketball team of New York.

He was a player with a profound belief in God, he made his mark for a period in the NBA, and he had one very special admirer, his brother.

When the KNICKS were playing, Mark's brother was the one who cleaned the court; every time a player fell to the ground, leaving traces of sweat, he would appear to fulfill his role in mopping up.

Sincere admiration is the best antidote to jealousy. Maybe you are thinking; is it necessary to talk about jealousy within your own family? Well, I believe it is.

Our 'upright' character begins when we know how to admire others, starting with our own family, our friends and those we know. When something good occurs, are you the first to be pleased?

I'm talking about something that benefits another person of course! Imagine that a member of your family (or friend, or a member of the church, or your team etc.) receives an important prize.

Are you the first to give sincere congratulations? Do you think to thank God for what has occurred?

Do you know that sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that we are more important because of what we achieve? We find it hard to recognise that the person who clears away the sweat is just as important as the one who causes it.

We can find ourselves with a serious problem, because when we think of ourselves as the centre of the universe we tend not to show gratitude; instead we assume that everyone else should show us respect and adore us.

Sometimes we should stop and thank the person who mops up the perspiration, and how much more should we show gratitude to the person who cleans the house, who works for us, cares for us, takes an interest in what happens to us or has given us everything we have!

Please, take a look around you and think of others you could add to this list.

There are many people who deserve our admiration and gratitude. Our objective should always be: "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord".

I am sure that Joshua was a family man who knew all those who lived with him and could make this claim on their behalf. What a joy to be able to understand, and respond for, our family.

And, of course, the same can be applied within the family of faith.

Everyone should serve as they are able, and in that way they will gain approval from God himself, and our gratitude too.




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