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What is behind all this

God says to us that we should avoid all that hurts us. Superstition shouldn't be part of our life.

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The well-known Brazilian basketball player, LUIS FELIPE was in a very difficult situation.

In a pre-Olympic tournament in Uruguay, the Brazilian coach brought along some medallions which had been blessed by a woman in Rio de Janeiro and Luis, as a Christian, refused to wear one.

At first he had a lot of problems with his team because of his decision, but in the end, Luis Felipe was named one of the best players of the tournament.

The devil is much more shrewd than even the most wise of human beings. He is a specialist in slavery; he doesn't mind what we do as long as we are in bondage to him. He has now found a disguise which is tailor-made for his purposes: superstition.

There are very few cities in the world which don't have some kind of occult centre and satanic cult, in many different shapes or forms. Many people fall for his trick and become trapped in a diabolical deception.

It all starts in a very simple way: curiosity about the future. Most branches of the media devote time and space to horoscopes and superstitious articles or programmes, probably without realising that the Devil is behind all those things.

From that first step, many people move on to an interest in tarot, palm reading, occult activities, invoking spirits and satanic masses, without really realising how harmful they all are.

These practices are also the basis for other activities, for example, some oriental philosophies or transcendental mediation, and sometimes hide behind physical improvement exercises or other methods of physical training.

In many countries where there is great interest in the occult, the activities are done as part of the official religion.

Starting with the spiritual search of many simple people, the devil has managed to deceive millions of people from all kinds of social, economic and intellectual classes.

Some of the best astronomers in the world published a document explaining that there is no relationship between the stars and the life of each person, but this made no difference.

We know that the Bible, God's word, explains that God is opposed to everything relating to occult practices: for example foretelling the future, superstition, contacting the dead, satanic rites etc. but even this has had little impact on those who are fascinated by these things.

The devil has managed to persuade people that his religion, the occult, is the fashionable belief of the present day.

God says to us that we should avoid all that hurts us. Superstition shouldn't be part of our life. We must denounce the devil's tricks and free as many people as possible from his grip. Explain to everyone who it is that is behind all this.




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