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Know to wait

God does not lose control as we do when we don't know how to solve something.

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Larry Bird. / [link] Kip-koech[/link], Flickr CC.

For many people he was the best player in the world in the 80s. But in 1979 five teams passed over LARRY BIRD because they would have had to wait a year to get him.

It seems that waiting until the blond player finished his studies was too much for some people. That is, everyone except the CELTICS, who chose him.

Today we could do a practical test: go out into the street and do a survey, asking people: 'What is your favourite attribute,  courage or patience?' I am sure that courage would win by a long way.

But God says the complete opposite, the important quality is patience.

How do we understand this?

The truth is that there are few things more important than being patient. Many races are lost through haste. Many matches, businesses, studies, families, wars, countries, and so on, are destroyed for lack of patience.

If God did everything we ask him, when we ask him, wed be lost! The world would turn a thousand times every second! We are unable to wait for the right time.

Do you believe that? Take a look back over your life! Think about everything you asked God for two years ago. Think what he has given you and wha the hasn't.

He has never been wrong, has he? And what if he had given you all that you asked him for then?

Remember the last time you got cross, when you cried and shouted because things were not the way you wanted them to be. You said to God: 'Why didn't you do such-and-such a thing?' What would have happened if he had done it?

Perhaps now you can see that your life would have been a mess! However, at that time it was difficult to wait, as it probably is today, in a different situation.

God has a day and a time for everything, and he can see the future and our own desires. God does not lose control as we do when we don't know how to solve something.

Everything has its perfect time, the right occasion, and its crucial moment... and God knows it.

It's better to wait.




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