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Only one life

It is a great temptation to leave God 'for later on'. Please, stop the process before it is too late.

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Charlie Ward is now a coach. / [link]Tallahassee magazine[/link]

It is a unique case, not only because of his youth, but also for his courage and ability in sport.

CHARLIE WARD was chosen best university American football player and one of the best in the draft of the NBA, good enough to sign for the NEW YORK KNICKS.

To all this we can add an unshakeable love for the Lord, being an example to others from his youth onwards.

You are only young once. Only at that time of your life will you have all your strength, all your time, all your will, all your dreams.

You will never be like that again. You will never again have the ability to do twenty things a day, and still go to bed with the same strength as when you woke up.

Never again will you feel so free of problems, with the determination and the innocence of someone who wants to conquer the world. Yo are young only once in your life.

Remember your creator, now while you are young.

Many people use this argument: 'I have lots of time. Later on I will devote more time to God.' Many people have waited till 'later on' but discover that it is no more than one of the Devil's illusions.

With their lives nearly over they regret the time they have lost. They regret not remembering their creator when they were young.

It is a great temptation to leave God 'for later on'. We always fall for the same old trick.

Have you heard the stories? 'When I have finished my studies at university I will have more time to serve the Lord.' 'When I've found a proper job, I will make more time for God.' 'As soon as I've earned enough money, I will settle down and...' 'I'm going to get married and I need to work so we can buy a house; later on I'll serve the Lord.'

'We're going to have a baby now and you know what that means in time and money. As soon as the children are older, I will be free to devote time to God.' 'When our lives are more financially established, I will be able to devote time...' 'Now there's not much time left before we retire, and that is when we will devote all our days to the service of the Lord.'

Well, the moment when you retired arrived, and you have time to serve the Lord. But now you also have ailments, very little strength, very little knowledge, very little will, a lot of discouragement, a lot of laziness...

Now your time is up. Now you remember when you were young and you could have devoted time to the most important thing: your creator.

Please, stop the process before it is too late. Remember your creator, now when you are young.




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