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Facing everything

Whatever happens, Christ is the one who gives us power and helps us to achieve a goal.

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Aleksandr Vólkov. / [link]piratas del basket[/link]

Sometimes sportspeople have to carry on in spite of many adverse circumstances.

Maybe not as much as ALEXANDER VOLKOV, but he can serve as an example. ATLANTA HAWKS signed this great Soviet basketball player to play in the best league in the world, and Alexander went, determined to show all that he had.

So much so, that he hid a problem he had and was in great pain throughout his first season. When it ended, the doctors examined his wrists and found that he had broken both of them!

Adverse circumstances, knocks, injuries, injustice, scorn and other problems are all what a player may have to put up with in important matches, but you just have to face up to everything and carry on.

They are also some of the things a Christian may have to face in a life of daily struggle, but you have to face up to everything and carry on.

In our case, we have a lot of advantages, as a verse says: 'I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.'

When people make fun of me because I follow Jesus, 'He gives me strength...'

When someone is unfair to me, 'He gives me strength...'

When illness and death shake me, 'He gives me strength...'

When circumstances take my joy away from me, 'He gives me strength...'

You can continue with the list, because when God says 'EVERYTHING' he means there's nothing that can oppose his power, since Christ is on our side!

Think about something you can do for the glory of God, pray to him and ask him for something great.

Remember that 'He gives me strength...' Nothing was ever written about those who gave up! Whatever happens, Christ is the one who gives me power and helps me to achieve the goal.

Finally, I'm going give you a challenge: Read the entire book of Philippians and write down all the reasons for being joyful. It will be an exciting task.




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