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Alain Auderset

The old Chinese man’s plea

We all prayed before the computer, with its email from Beijing, opening a new door to the Holy Spirit to reach a whole country.

APPOINTMENT WITH GOD AUTOR 11/Alain_Auderset 05 DE FEBRERO DE 2017 19:10 h
Image: Alain Auderset


As I walked in the forest that morning, there was a special place in my heart for the Chinese people (they did take up quite a lot of room, mind!). It had happened after I listened to the moving story of the daily life of an old Chinese missionary who risked his life to passionately share the good news of Jesus’ love.

I found his love for his people incredibly convicting. It really spoke to me, shouted at me, even. It was on a cassette tape* (from Open Doors) which was lying about in the general clutter of my workshop.

(*explanation for teenagers:

Cassette tapes

they’re a bit like CDs** but with ribbons...!).


(**explanation for younger readers:

CDs they’re a bit like MP3s*** but really bulky)


(*** explanation for new-borns:

MP3s are a bit like Xyzblbl but not as good)


It’s too much, just too much... 

I unloaded my burden onto God:

- Couldn’t you get my comic published in China?


Far from everything

You probably don’t realize just how crazy it is to ask that...! The ambitions of the movers, shakers and breakers, the builders-up and tearers-down who shape modern society’s tastes don’t extend (for the time being) to my little corner of the Swiss Jura. Here, I’m a world away from the powerful publishers who possess that strange, dark power enabling them to crack the Chinese market!

In my country walks, I pass by towering, age-old pine trees which watch the years go by, completely indifferent to our fleeting worries, (breakthroughs in China! Ha ha, they’d have a good laugh at that!). The natural world possesses an infinitely thoughtful wisdom, although few passers-by are lucky enough to realize this, because to do that, they would have to stop for a moment. But they’re all running off to the cities, chasing the wind.

Here, in the lee of the forest, the most heated discussions on the subject of technology that I encounter are with old Simon, who lives in a caravan in the wood. He’s trying to unravel the baffling enigma of, in his words, ‘how can a mail box fit inside a telephone so tiny?!?’ (and doggone it, it doesn’t even have a cord!)

However, I may be in the middle of nowhere, but God (there’s no secrets between me and Him) knows lots of influential people...



I switch to listening mode... (I’ve understood that deep, booming voices designed for ear trumpet aficionados, with 1000 watt spotlights thrown in for good measure don’t really appeal to Him... I suspect He may even be a little shy..).


The miracle

Back in my studio, I find that I’ve exchanged one forest for another, (I’ve a lot of houseplants). I watered a palm tree or two, watered my own taste-buds with a good cup of coffee before beating a path to my work desk through the ambient creativity that hangs in the air like the mist of a cloud forest.

I open my laptop and a whole pile of emails comes sliding out any which way, all over the table. (I wonder through what kind of digital jungle my dumb PC had wandered last night?!) Included amongst them was one that started:

- Hello, I am Chinese, I really like your comic books...

Brief silence...

– Haaaa... I know you, it’s you God, isn’t it?

To cut a long story short, I got in touch with her and my comic book was published in China!


Well, yes…and no!

In China... well, to be more precise, in Taiwan.

To be honest, my comic book hasn’t quite managed to break through the Great Wall of China yet. Sales are very low and all I gain is the joy of knowing that my comics are undoubtedly having an impact on at least a few people over there...

I still hope to make the leap from Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China, that the old man is still alive and that my book will be able to really move his people...

A second chance

Recently, a young Chinese missionary tapped on my PC screen to tell me he was going to present my comics to a publishing house in Beijing. Almost at exactly the same time, I had an amazing visit I really wasn’t expecting! Helen from China, together with all her family, was standing in the doorway! (They live in Paris, but still, it’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?!)

We all prayed before the computer, with its email from Beijing, opening a new door to the Holy Spirit to reach a whole country.

Once again; I feel very moved; I bear witness to how my God uses very ordinary people to put His most spectacular (because I’m sure it will be spectacular) plans into motion.

Now, it’s time to wait... I know that publishers usually say no, but I’m determined not to give up, I believe it’s possible…

The young Chinese woman recently wrote a short note for you all; I was touched to find out more about her situation... It just goes to show, nothing is ever ventured without taking a leap of faith.




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