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Self control

How many times have you cried, literally, about not being able to control yourself?

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How many free shots could you score in a basket without missing? Try it: 20? 40? That might seem too many for you.

To score free shots without fail, you need a big dose of self-control, apart from a good technique.

By the way, maybe you never heard that TED ST MARTIN achieved the world record on 25th June 1977 in Florida: he managed to score in 2,036 consecutive throws!

There is nothing so difficult as self-control. Sometimes we can triumph over all kinds of adverse circumstances... but to resist ones own temptations is a big challenge.

It is as if your strength is running away: we can talk, we can plan, we can give opinions, but we are not able to defeat many of the things that are inside us!

Some months ago we talked about bad habits. How many times have we tried to control them? How often have we been defeated by some small detail, a bad gesture, something that we know that is harmful for us?

We make promises to improve, we compromise with someone, while allowing that which we know is making our life impossible... but deep inside, we also know that we are not doing anything about it. It's very difficult to control oneself.

Exactly the same happens with our personalities. Think for a moment of any quality of your character that you would like to change. Ready? Now, can I ask you a question?

How many times have you cried, literally, about not being able to control yourself? I don't need to continue, everyone knows that it is 'more difficult to defeat oneself than to conquer cities'.

God knows our weaknesses but he also knows the remedy! The Bible says that the Spirit of God helps us in our weakness. How clear it is, but how difficult it seems for us to understand!

The only possibility of having self- control is allowing the Holy Spirit to control us.




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