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Far from the bottle

It is true that God made everything for us to enjoy, but not to abuse.

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It seems as if, with every day that passes, basketball players are growing taller and faster. One of the most outstanding European examples of this is the Spaniard, PAU GASOL, number 3 in the draft in 2001, declared best debutant in the NBA.

Being more than seven feet tall, Pau can complete a counter-attack while still running. The rules of basketball force the player to be ever faster. One of these rules stipulates that a player must not remain more than 3 seconds in the opponent's zone (usually called 'the bottle' because of its shape).

There's another 'bottle' which we should beware: that containing alcohol. Our society has promoted the use of alcohol in so many different circumstances, that we have truly become champions, as Isaiah says.

It's sad to see millions of lives destroyed, directly or indirectly, following the abuse of this harmful substance.

Society itself encourages young people to drink from a very early age. Either because of the advertising in the media, or peer pressure, many youngsters get drawn into a dependence on alcohol.

"If you don't drink, you're not grown-up," and, "Prove your independence, drink this..." or, "He is such good company, because he drinks...", "Enjoy yourself, have a drink!" Hundreds of expressions like these are fed into the minds of young people till they succumb to one of the worst mistakes they can make.

The over-use of alcohol does not make you more mature, neither more independent, nor does it bring you more enjoyment in life. What it usually does is destroy you.

The consequences of drinking to excess are eventually fatal. Thousands of people around the world suffer from this addiction. It is all the more tragic because it is almost impossible to free oneself from it.

They might explain to you how they were deceived by misfortune, but it's clear that now they find themselves trapped in a physically, psychologically and morally wrecked life.

It is foolish to think that alcohol is less harmful if taken in smaller doses. Take my advice and do not stay inside 'the bottle'. Many people have done so fallen into the trap for ever.

It is true that God made everything for us to enjoy, but not to abuse.

Men and women nowadays seem to have a strange attraction to seeking excitement in dangerous things, in using to excess those things they know to be damaging. That's how we become champions in things which destroy our bodies.




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