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The master teacher

Jesus is the best teacher that has ever existed, and He is also our Saviour, King, Lord and friend.

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Julius Erving / [link]Unknown author[/link], Wikimedia Commons.

JULIUS ERVING not only was he a major scorer in the NBA, but in ALL the seasons in which he played, he ended with statistics over and above the 400 rebounds, 200 assists, 100 steals and 100 blocked shots.

No one achieved as much as he did. Later Julius taught children to play basketball: very few could play like him; he was the best.

The Bible talks about what Jesus began to do and teach. Take careful note of the order: first 'to do' and then 'to teach'.

Many great teachers have appeared through history, teachers of religion, ethics, philosophy... Many have said enough to fill books, but not one deserves to be even compared to the Lord Jesus: he did not simply speak. He lived what he taught.

A simple historical journey through the life of Jesus is amazing enough.

Nothing and no one could resist his word and his presence: he had power to heal all illnesses and power over death itself; he changed the course of nature and history; he worked for the good of everyone, healing, helping, raising the dead, calming storms, multiplying food.

His own life was a perfect example of integrity. Not one of his enemies could point to a single sin, or a mistake or something badly done.

Even today those who say that God does not exist cannot point to a single failing in the person of Jesus.

Only three years of public life, only three years of intensive teaching. He didn't travel outside of Palestine, he did not write things down, he never spoke using publicity media and he didn't move in political or cultural circles.

However, the lives of all the politicians, historians, philosophers, educators, artists and teachers in the entire world put together, have not managed to influence the lives of millions of people as did that one solitary life - the life of Jesus Christ.

It is not strange that this should be so. The Bible tells us that Jesus is God himself, made man. During those 33 years God made his home on earth, and people saw him face to face.

And it was he himself who taught us the way to heaven when he said "I am the Way". It is that simple and that clear, because all the best teachers keep things simple.

And Jesus is the best teacher that has ever existed, and he is also our Saviour, King, Lord and friend.




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