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I am not going to keep quiet

God challenges us to live a life that is worthy of the gospel. That often means not keeping quiet.

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“The most important thing in life is not to be a champion, but to do things with dignity, knowing that God is always with you, and that you are special to him”.

Those words were part of an interview with DAVID ROBINSON for an evangelical television programme in Galicia, Spain called Nacer de Novo (Born again), during the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Many Spanish young people admired the fact that such a well-known basketball player talked so openly about the gospel, and the overriding importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

God challenges us to live a life that is worthy of the gospel. And to walk in a worthy way often means not keeping quiet... did you know that?

Don't keep quiet about the injustices that are practised in the world.

Don't keep quiet about inequality and discrimination.

Don't keep quiet about problems caused by man and his possessions: the unequal distribution of wealth, causing hunger, suffering, wars...

Don't keep quiet about condemning sin and its consequences.

Don't keep quiet about lies and deception.

Don't keep quiet about murders, assassinations and games that endanger life.

Walking in a worthy way also means some positive things:

Don't keep quiet about God's love towards everyone; men and women, rich and poor, of whatever race, culture, profession or situation in life.

Don't keep quiet about the gospel, the good news of God's love for this world.

Don't keep quiet about the only way to know God, the wonderful person of Jesus Christ.

Don't keep quiet about the fact that the Word of God, the Bible, has the solution to every problem and situation, and all the answers to our doubts.

Don't keep quiet when people around you need words of comfort and help.

Don't keep God's answers to every human problem quiet.

Don't keep anything quiet that Jesus wouldn't have kept quiet, because he is our example.

I want to walk as I should. I want to be a true ambassador for God.




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