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Our inheritance

Don't let anyone take your inheritance from you by doubting God's Word. Jesus is preparing a permanent place for us.

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Mildred Didrikson. / [link]l Correo[/link]

North America's MILDRED 'Babe' DIDRIKSON did incredible things in the athletics competitions of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

She won the gold medals in the javelin and 80m hurdles, and silver in the high jump. She was successful in other sports too. Many athletes admired her achievements, but no-one ever equalled them.

We talk sometimes of being happy with what we are and have. Remember, each of us has a special inheritance that no one can take away from us. That inheritance is part of ourselves, because God has made each of us unique.

But God's gifts don't end there. His inheritance is not limited to this life; God is much more generous than that. The Bible says that when our earthly life is over, heaven will be our inheritance, our home.

For many centuries, Christians over the world have trusted in God's word and in their heavenly home. That confidence will never be betrayed. All those who have received God into their lives have an eternal home.

Do you know where our security comes from? From God himself. In chapter 14 of John's beautiful gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that he is going to prepare a place for them. Jesus himself is 'decorating' our home!

He is looking after our inheritance and getting it all ready. Of course that home won't be the same as our earthly one, but that doesn't mean we should have doubts about it.

It's Jesus' word against the word of ignorant spoilsports who claim that heaven is a fairytale.

Don't let anyone take your inheritance from you by doubting God's word. Jesus is preparing a permanent place for us.

When our life here ends, he will take us there and say, "Welcome home!" We'll be the happiest of all people, not just because we have a home in heaven, but because Jesus will be our king,  the King of the universe himself.




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