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I am part of the wall

None of God’s children can be mistreated or feel unimportant, even if they only have five loaves of bread.

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Roberto Rivelino. / [link]Transfermarkt[/link]

During the 1974 Football World Cup match between the former East Germany and Brazil, Brazil got a free kick just outside the box.

A wall was formed, and a player from the Brazilian team stood in the middle. RIVELIÑO kicked the ball towards the wall, and as it came near, the Brazilian stooped and let the ball go through.

It went so fast that the German goalkeeper, CROY, didn't even see it coming.

Once, when Jesus was teaching about 5000 men (not counting women and children), lunchtime came around. As you can imagine, there wasn't enough food for so many people, but Jesus was there, and he had the power to do anything.

Someone said: "Here's a boy with five barley loaves, but how far will they go among so many?" And Jesus said, 'That's true, they won't go very far among so many people.'

No, no, no, that's not right! Jesus said, "Bring me the boy and the barley loaves". But what good were five loaves of bread for such a crowd?

How unbelieving we are! We don't realise that five loaves of bread in Jesus' hands are worth more than thousands in our hands.

Jesus took the bread and blessed it, and when God blesses something, everything changes. Those five loaves became thousands of loaves of fresh bread and everyone had plenty to eat.

It was a great miracle done by the power of God, using the five loaves of bread brought by a child.

You may think your work is unimportant, but God couldn't do great miracles without your 'bread'.

To Him, everything we do has value. To Him, all our work is essential; all of his children are special. No one can be despised, none of His little ones can be mistreated or feel unimportant, even if they're just part of the line-up; even if they only have five loaves of bread.

That boy met one condition: he was where God wanted him, and he obeyed what God said. That's all that God asks of you and your work. If you do these two things, your life isn't a waste: you are indispensable




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