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Following God is the greatest freedom there is. Obeying God means always knowing where and who you are.

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David Wingate. / [link]@RandomKnick[/link]

In the 1980's, DAVID WINGATE was one of the most promising players in the NBA. I say "was", because he was expelled from the San Antonio SPURS after he was involved in two cases of alleged rape.

Many famous players run foul of the law. In every sport the rules have to be strict, and strictly legal.

The rules of a sport can't be broken; sooner or later you face the consequences.

The consequences of breaking God's laws are much more terrible, because it involves going directly against Him. Just as an athlete who breaks the rules is disqualified, he who opposes God incurs punishment. There's no way around it.

Sometimes we forget that Nature itself punishes transgressions of the law. No sane person believes they can jump from the tenth floor of a building and reach the ground unhurt.

The law of gravity and our own physical limitations mean almost certain death. By the same token, moral and spiritual laws bring punishment to those who break them.

You can't sin without suffering the physical, moral and spiritual consequences. You can't disobey God and go unpunished.

Things like promiscuous sex, drugs, excessive alcohol, and tobacco are outlawed because they destroy the body. They destroy your freedom. Anything that controls you, enslaves you.

God offers unlimited freedom,made to measure. His freedom teaches us to be ourselves. It's based on the principles of love and justice.

Following God is the greatest freedom there is. Obeying God means always knowing where and who you are. Don't be an outlaw by breaking his spiritual laws. Don't make yourself a slave.




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