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Time is up

When time is called, will you be happy, or will you regret wasting time?

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Alexander Belov. / [link]FEB[/link]

Everyone remembers the end of the 1972 Munich Olympics and the controversy over the last few seconds of the basketball game.

ALEXANDER BELOV, who made the final basket for the Soviet team, was a well-known freedom fighter in his country; today we know that he died very young, in strange circumstances that no one was willing to clarify.

Alexander was a great player, and he knew how to use the final seconds of that famous game.

There are still unanswered questions about the results, aggravated by the fact that it was the first match the US team had lost in the history of Olympic basketball.

But we can learn a lot from the behaviour of both teams in those final moments. They all wanted to use every second to win.

None of us can be sure we will make it to next year, but we must keep working towards our goal. Soon God will say, 'The time has come,' and this world's time will be up.

The Lord Jesus will come again. When He comes, where will you be? Do you realise how little time you have left?

You may say, 'I already belong to the Lord!" OK, but are you taking advantage of the time that God has given you?

Don't forget that your time is running out, too.

When the Lord comes, what will He find you doing? When time is called, will you be happy, or will you regret wasting time? It's getting late!

If you have never got right with God, how can you take things easy? Don't you know that time is getting short?

I'm sure God has sent you many warnings this year; but maybe day by day you chose not to listen to His voice. Will you be ready when the time comes?

You may not live to see the new year; there have been many people who have died in unexpected situations, accidents, illness, or other mishaps. You can't guarantee you won't be one of them. Time is running out!




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