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You are not alone

We are aware of spiritual things, and know the consequences of them, but we cannot see them.

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Photo: [link]Matt Lee[/link], Unsplash CC0.

ROSA KUTTY is a runner from India who participated in the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996), and managed to break national records in both the 400 and 800 metres.

In order to understand the secret of her running style you need to look back to her childhood.

When Rosa was young she ran to earn money to maintain her family (she had eight brothers and sisters), and her job was selling fruit, which entailed running fast to be first at the stalls with the produce, in order to be assured of taking money home.

Rosa ran like this over a long period of time, until she eventually became one of the fastest runners in her country.

It is certain that you are unique to God, and He will never leave you. But as if that was not enough, God has placed a legion of helpers by our side, who are personally concerned for us, and in the Bible they are called angels.

We have physical bodies,and feel things in a physical way. On the other hand we are also aware of spiritual things, and know the consequences of them, but we can't see them.

When we talk about angels, for some it sounds like something from a film but that is because they think only about the physical realm...that which is visible.

There are many other things that we cannot see,like the wind,but they are there; we can have feelings, sensations, dreams, worries and thousands of other things,and it does not occur to anyone to say that these things don't exist because we can't see them, does it?

Angels are part of God's plan, being prepared to defend us. When things become difficult, we are not alone; angels are observing and helping us.

When the enemy attacks us and tries to trip us up, angels are there to help protect us.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the enemy, we feel alone with no way out... but perhaps it is because we have not learnt to see with spiritual eyes: we are not aware of our friends around us, the angels.

Let's go through a small exercise, remembering situations that have occurred in the past month.

What would you say about...

1. Dangers that you have been saved from?

2. Problems that have disappeared when they looked like exploding?

3. Temptations and complications that you have escaped in the nick of time? 4. Coincidences that the more you try to reason out, the less you understand how they occurred?

5. Small miracles that can't be explained?

You could add more to this list, but behind all these things was God's hand, caring for you through his angels.

No, you are not alone.




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