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Two against one

Next time you are in church, pray and look beside you; it could be that God has placed someone right there to help you.

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ichael Jordan. / [link] sports rageous[/link], Flickr CC 2.0

He is actually the most well-known basketball player in the world. Anywhere in the world you can mention his name, and people know of him and immediately begin to speak of him.

I am talking about MICHAEL JORDAN, possibly the most influential player in the NBA. Jordan's influence is such that coaches would create defensive tactics conceived especially for him, and in these moves there were always two attackers against one to stop “Air” Jordan.

Some time ago, I was listening to a good coach who said: “Some players are very good, and you need two or three defensive players to stop them... but others can do it by themselves”. In the same way, the Devil might be saying, “ isn't worth bothering with them”.

Even though it seems a contradiction, Christianity is one of the “teams” in the world that has the most “out of work” members. It is not for lack of work, but for laziness, disobedience, pride.

Of course, the devil does not worry about these people, they do not matter to him. They do not pray for the lost, or struggle to be more like Christ, or evangelise, or help others, they are not filled with the Holy Spirit.

But, when someone is committed to God, when they decide to serve him in everything, when they place their lives unconditionally in the hands of the Holy Spirit, then the devil looks for his “attackers”.

Many Christians become frightened when they see all the evil attacks on them and they do not know what to do. They do not understand that the more we work for God, the more the devil attacks us, and in different ways.

It may be that you are going through a difficult time. It may be that the “attackers” are using every imaginable type of fault and dirty play. Don't worry, if the devil is doing this it is because he believes that you are very important. Remember this: Others do not need that treatment, they stop themselves.

If you need help, look up: God has enough power to help you win. But also, look around you: some brother or sister in Christ can help you when you are being attacked “two against one”.

Next time you are in church, instead of looking only at the speaker, pray and look beside you; it could be that God has placed someone right there to help you.




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