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God will pay back

Life would not be the same without a God who is completely just and all-powerful.

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Photo: [link]Jason Charters[/link], Unsplash, CC0.

One of the best Argentinian footballers of his time refused to play for the national team in the World Championship in 1978.

His reason was very clear: to protest against the military dictatorship established in Argentina and all the killings that had taken place in that beautiful country.

Even if from that moment on, he was in disgrace, many still remember this player, CARRASCOSA.

Despite everything, the dictatorship continued, as others have in many parts of the world.

The Bible speaks about the prosperity of the wicked: This world is the kingdom of evil and its servants have many advantages.

We get nervous, and horrified, with reason, when we hear of people who kill for pleasure. When we hear the cries of someone who just watched their family destroyed by the cowardice of a terrorist, we shudder.

When we think about the images of children killed by wicked and unscrupulous people, wounded by hate, physically destroyed by those who call themselves "the voice of the people", we are angry.

We are right when we feel the same way about dictators and terrorists, because they are no more than two sides of the same coin; the coin of terror,cowardice, wickedness and death.

There is only one little problem: they may make us act in the same way. God says that the quick-tempered man does foolish things, and when we are confronted with violence and death, we too might be tempted to do foolish things.

God is the one who is the judge and He is our avenger:

  • When someone kills a defenseless person, God will pay back.

  • When a dictator or a terrorist brings death to innocent people, God will pay back.

  • When someone abandons their home, their children and their family, leaving them in misery, God will pay back.

  • When someone has been evil and vengeful and yet comes out looking innocent, God will pay back.

  • When someone discriminates, ridicules or despises another person, God will pay back.

  • When someone makes a defenseless person suffer, God will pay back.

God does not leave anything unpaid. He has taught us that He is just and He will never call the guilty innocent.

"Revenge is mine, says the Lord", and we believe it with all of our heart, because life would not be the same without a God who is completely just and all-powerful.

I know what I must do: trust in Him.




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