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Connected to God

We often speak, act, work, and even serve God, without listening to Him. You cannot listen to God without obeying Him.

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Bill Rusell. / [link] Unknown author , Wikimedia Commons[/link], CCO.

I believe that no other player won as many NBA championships as BILL RUSSELL, the great player for the Boston Celtics (he won 11 championships in 13 years).

When he was two years old, he had a strange illness and was taken to hospital; he would not eat and no one knew why. As they watched his life slip away, a woman who had been watching wanted to say something.

Everyone was so preoccupied in saving the child that no one paid any attention to her.

In the end, when the doctors had given up hope, they decided to listen to what she had to say: "Pick the boy up by his feet and shake him", she said. His father did so and Bill spat out a piece of bread that had been lodged in his throat for hours without anyone noticing.

In the world around us, little importance is given to knowing how to listen. We think that we have all the answers and that we do not need anyone to teach us anything. Much less, listen to God, that is out of fashion. And so, thousands of people die each day, spiritually and physically.

God speaks through His word, the Bible. God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, through prayer and the good advice of other people.

God speaks to us in so many ways and...isn't it true that our phone is often busy? That is why God has this to say to us: "I have spoken and you have not obeyed."

The danger of not listening to God is fatal. You cannot listen to God without obeying Him.

We often speak, act, work, and even serve God, without listening to Him. We make our plans and only after that do we ask Him to bless us. We have our ideas and later we look to see what the Bible has to say to back them up.

This is not right. Before we do anything, even before we get up in the morning, we should pray from our heart: "Speak to me, Lord, I want to listen to you".

In order to do this, we need to use God's phone: Jeremiah 33:3, says Call unto me and I will answer you. His phone is always on, never busy and open 24 hours a day.

Have you listened to the voice of God today or is your phone busy? Are you so occupied with your own life, talking to so many people, that you have not listened to the voice of God?

Right now, stop listening and speaking to others and prepare yourself to listen to God.




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