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Giving a little push

The Bible speaks many times about friendship. The central theme of the story is the salvation that God offers to every man and woman.

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Coach, speaker and former NFL player Gyll Byrd. / [link]Gyll Byrd official website[/link]

GILL BYRD was an American football player who spent his best professional time at the San Diego Chargers.

Although he retired in 1994, he is still the player who has intercepted most passes in the team's history.

Currently he helps others through an organisation called Champion's Heart where he tries to put into practice the example of friendship that Jesus left to all of us.

Much has been said about friendship. Someone has said that it is one of the most important things in life, more important even than peace, freedom or order.

It would be difficult to say too much about this subject, because however much we say about friendship, we will never overstate its value. If you have everything, but you don't have friends, life is harder, sadder and lonelier.

The Bible speaks many times about the importance of friendship. In fact, the central theme of the story is the salvation that God offers to every man and woman.

This is a story of friendship; the friendship that comes when mankind finishes with sin, and God takes it upon Himself to re-establish His closeness with all those who accept the gift that He offers.

This friendship cost God the most precious thing of all: the life of his Son. It is the most wonderful love story that ever existed. And He did all this for you and for me.

As we think about this, we should strengthen our friendships, using the unconditional help that God gives to each one of us. Think about your friends, whether they are in need of your help: is there someone who needs understanding, comfort, a caring hand?

Or maybe you are the one who is going through a difficult situation...why don't you ask a friend to help you? Sometimes we cannot win on our own: sometimes the things we are facing are bigger than us.

Think about the complicated situations that you may encounter, temptation, fear, trials, or relationship problems... Isn't it true that we can get through these things a lot better with a little help from a friend?

And do not forget your friends when things are going well! We should learn with Daniel: when he attained a better social position the first thing he did was to remember his friends.

Remind yourself of the perfect example of a best friend, the one and only, incomparable JESUS.




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