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Raise your arm

The Bible says that no one else can forgive your sins apart from God himself.

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Ray Allen. / [link] Lorianne DiSabato[/link], Flickr CC 2.0

American basketball history is written by players with an extraordinary quality. RAY ALLEN, one of the best wingers in NBA's history, played for Milwaukee, Seattle, Boston and Miami.

He was considered as an All Star several times andeas chosen as one of the best basketball players in the world. Like every basketball player, Ray knew that when he commited a foul, he had to acknowledge it by raising his arm.

Recognising our own mistakes is one of the best exercises of our “daily training”. In the first place, we lower our pride, then secondly, we get closer to God (only He is perfect), and thirdly, we prepare ourselves to be forgiven.

It is not possible to forgive something without recognition. God himself,on many occasions, is waiting for us to raise our hand in recognition of what we have done wrong, in order for Him to forgive us. There is noone who wants to forgive us more than God.

Sometimes spiritual laws seem deceptively simple: come before God, recognise your sin...and forgiveness is yours

Unfortunately, it seems that there is nothing more difficult for a person than to recognise their own sins What about you?

Are you involved in something you shouldn't? Have you done something which is out of the will of God? Speak to Him today,confess your sin and He will forgive you.

The Bible says that He is the only one who can do this; no one else can forgive your sins apart from God himself.

Don't let anymore time pass while hiding your sins. Don't think that no one will know what you did; God knows. No matter how well you have hidden your sin, it is not unknown to God.

Sooner or later  your sin will find you out and then what will you do? It is better to recognise what you have done wrong; it's better to raise your hand in acknowledgment.

If you don't, you can be in danger. With the passing of time, we all rationalise our errors. “Everyone else is doing it”, or, “It could have been worse”, or, “It won't happen again”. There are hundreds of reasons why we fool ourselves.

But, God continues to desire our forgiveness. Now is the time to recognise what you have done. Now is the time to raise your hand.




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