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Not even one

Only those who know they are completely powerless before God, and accept what God did for them, can be saved.

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Shane Gould.

She was only 15 years old, and many thought that she was too small. But she took three gold medals, a silver and a bronze in the Olympics in Munich 1972.

Her name was SHANE GOULD and she was an Australian swimmer. She triumphed in the 200m and 400m and also in the 200m Medley.

Some think she was one of the finest swimmers ever.

Just as Shane pushed the water down with her hands, so the Bible says God will do with those who have been rebellious to him. Why is God so unfair...? Do you believe it is like this?

I do not believe so. He is not unfair to punish all those who do not want to listen to his message of love. OK, you may say, but what about all those people who never had the opportunity of listening to it...?

Well, let me explain something to you; nobody will ever be able to say to God that they did not have the opportunity of knowing him, for God has shown himself from the beginning of mankind's history, in multiple ways:

1. God has spoken through nature: everything we see teaches us that there must be a wonderful creator.

2. God has spoken through natural laws: not only in the material field, but also in the spiritual field. We all acknowledge that there are laws that rule the universe and that cannot be broken.

3. God has spoken through our conscience: everybody in the world (even the worst criminals in the world) has an inner light that teaches them what is right and what is wrong.

4. God has spoken through the law: the Ten Commandments teach man what is sin.

5. God has spoken through many people in ancient times: prophets and teachers who taught the message of God.

6. God speaks through his word, the Bible. The knowledge of the message has reached practically the whole world.

7. God speaks to us through Jesus Christ, God's most perfect revelation - so perfect that a person can only be saved through him.

If we reject the word of God in any of those seven manifestations, then we are guilty before him. The Bible says that there is not a single just person in the world, therefore we all deserve damnation.

Only those who know they are completely powerless before God, and accept what God did for them, can be saved.




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